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Anti Spam
Published on April 9, 2005 By coldzone In Blogging
Spam and internet security information Anti Spam

Spam, or electronic 'junk mail', has increased so sharply in recent years that it is threatening the viability of email. Spam messages are often fraudulent, offensive or annoying, and they often carry viruses.

Many countries are now introducing legislation to ban or regulate the sending of spam. The ACA is responsible for enforcing Australia's anti-spam law, the Spam Act 2003.

This section of our website contains information for consumers and businesses about compliance with the Spam Act, reducing the amount of spam you receive, boosting internet security, avoiding email scams, protecting children online, making a spam report or complaint and the steps the Australian government is taking to combat spam.

ACA executes search warrant on suspected major spammer The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) today executed a search warrant on the premises of a Perth-based company as part of an investigation under the federal anti-spam legislation. The warrant had been issued by the Federal Magistrates Court on the grounds that the ACA reasonably suspected the company of sending tens of millions of unsolicited commercial emails in breach of the Spam Act 2003. The contents of computer hard disks and other material were seized by ACA inspectors (RI`S = RADIO inspectors) for examination during the search. The company and its sole director were also issued with formal notices requiring them to produce documents and other information about their activities to the ACA within two weeks. ACA Acting Chairman Dr Bob Horton said he could not name the company at this time. “However, the ACA has received reports from members of the public alleging that they have received thousands of unsolicited emails sent by this company,” he said. “Further investigations suggested that this was only the tip of the iceberg.” Computer forensics experts from Deloitte Forensics and lawyers from the Australian Government Solicitor assisted the ACA in the execution of the warrant

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