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deep regret that I have to announce the passing of vk3jbo--Graham Williams
Published on September 7, 2005 By coldzone In Misc

To Members-Friends-clubs
It is with deep regret that I have to announce the passing of vk3jbo--Graham Williams.
Graham past away peacefully at home on the 6/09/2005.

The B.A.R.G irlp Group has ask me to say a few words on their behalf.
Graham is a long time friend of mine,we have know each other for nearly 35 years,He
was my mate,friend and mentor for all those years.

Graham has been a amateur radio operator since the early 1970's in the later years when
he moved from Lalor to Mornington Peninsula he took a interest in irlp and formed the B.A.R.G
IRLP Group which he devoted all he's time to keep it up and running which he did.

Graham you will be missed by your friends and fellow operators
Rest in peace

Your best mate
Tony Passler

P.S Roly would like to pass on his respects as well, he also was a close friend of Grahams.


The VK3RIR repeater is on the air.

IMPORTANT: Members are required to store in their radio the Subaudible Tone (CTCSS) of 91.5 Hz.


on Sep 13, 2005
Both Terry and I wish to pass our condolences to the relatives and friends of Graham VK3JBO.
Although we never met him we felt that we knew him as a friend. God Bless!

Peter G7PCT Melton Mowbray, UK
on Mar 02, 2006
to Peter G7PCT Melton Mowbray, UK .....

Hi Peter Shall do thank you ....

73`s Roly vk3kxw vk3kxw @ msn . com
Pls call me on IRLP node 6391 i`m now the node owner

on May 27, 2006