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1st IRLP International Contest
Published on April 18, 2005 By coldzone In Blog Communities
Well as far as the 1st contest goes...thank-you to all who participated in the 1st IRLP International Contest.
My thanks to all the node and reflector owners who gave their permission for the use their stations.
In particular those operators who joined in on the fun. Also thanks to all who sent emails to us with their full support.

Here I would like to mention the ARRL..WIA and those Clubs and individuals who supported the
contest before, during and after the event. Particular attention to VK3HAG-Ashley and NL7R-Dennis. The administration team
here in Australia and the USA who gave their all to make this contest a success. VK4JAA-Terry. Sponsor for the trophy and Clive Garaway of Fox Trophies for the design. Now let's not forget the unknown supporters (you and many other amateur radio operators...thank you all).

On behalf of the administration team: VK3JBO-Graham..VK3KXW-Roly WB7OTQ-Bruce....KG4ZXK- Keith

Thank You


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