Bass Amateur Radio Irlp Group - IRLP NODE 6391 for more info about WWW.IRLP.NET Amateur Radio , HAM RADIO RE WWW.ARRL.ORG
notice too all members
Published on April 30, 2006 By coldzone In Misc
Public Node Access procedures, Coverage and other info:

     Bass Amateur Radio Irlp Group Inc     
   In Remembrance of Graham Williams VK3JBO   

  Please review operating procedures at BEFORE use

  Node will be (*)offline on Thursdays from
12-pm to 6-pm

   The Node Will be(*)Offline.....
every night between 12Am-8Am
and no longer runs 24/7...

  Access prefix for club members to control node.
Visitors please call for a member of
the Bass Amateur IRLP Group who will be
happy to assist you and make connections to other
node as needed

  OR Contact The Node owner On our Repeater VK3RIR 438.150...
  phone fax-voice message bank 03 99236336 or
  with ur message; leave, name, phone or email or fax

 (*)Node will be available mostly excepting for vacation
times and impending thunder storms with lightning.

The VK3RIR repeater is on the air.
  IMPORTANT: Members are required to store in their radio
the Subaudible Tone (CTCSS)(input) of 91.5 Hz.
(no rx T-SQL set)

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